November 25, 2005

Künstler für den Frieden, Vienna Concert of 1982
(International "Artists for Peace" Rally Revisited)


Dear Readers,
Just when you are beginning to think that you have seen it all - that the great and noble Belafonte record chase is drawing to a close - along comes an extraordinary discovery that makes all the dogged sleuthing worthwhile. It was last year at this very time and the surprise came in the form of a beautifully illustrated gatefold album containing 2 long-play live recordings. This set was the product of a 7 hour “Artists for Peace” concert that took place in Vienna in November of 1982. Looking at the long list of internationally-acclaimed performers I suddenly became aware of the major significance of this event. Opening the gate I encountered an impressive display of photos taken at the actual concert. Then came the biggest surprise of all - believe it if you can - Harry Belafonte and Letta Mbulu appear on Side 4 !! So here we have a double album set for a live concert, featuring international artists the likes of Belafonte and Mbulu, appearing on a label created solely for the event. I thought you might appreciate having more information on this recording than provided elsewhere on this site hence the passages which follow. All German-to-English translations are the handiwork of Hans-Peter Hübschen.
Enjoy, Albnut  

Album Liner Notes

On November 6, 1982, more than 200 artists placed a clearly visible signal for freedom. We organized a seven hour concert at the Vienna “Stadthalle” titled “Artists for Peace”. 10.000 came that night – it was more than a concert, it was a demonstration of cooperation of artists of differing political positions and artistic focus for one common cause: peace on earth. This record shall be a document of it. We did not want to adjust sound quality. Authenticity and documentary nature seemed to be more important for us than technical perfection. With the selection of songs we tried to meet the broad spectrum of diversity and mutuality of the evening. Yet it was impossible for us to have all participants on the record.
As a symbol of our common concern – the closing choir of all participants from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, France, Chile, South Africa, the USSR and the USA – a song for peace in German, Russian and English.
Self evident for us, but to make things clear: On this 6th of November all performers and all organizations appeared gratuitously and this also applies to the makers of this record. The net profit of this record goes to the "Artists for Peace" association to support their activities.
Cover painting by Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Back of cover: Sculpture of Alfred Hrdlicka
Cover layout: Hubert Schatzl, Rainer Wolzl, Hans Auer
Photography: Franz Hausner, Margherita Krischanitz, Hubert Schatzl
Recording engineer: Othmar Eichinger
Mastered at Soundmill Studio Vienna by Peter J. Muller
Producers ( Compilation and coordination):
Rudolf Dolezal, Margit Niederhuber, Blacky Schwarz
This is a production of the "Artists for Peace Association"
Mailing address: "Artists for Peace", Stumpergasse 6, 1060 Vienna
We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation and help of all artists and contributors
Another documentation of "Artists for Peace"
"May 15, 1982 – Peace march of the 70.000" – a book published by Locker, Vienna
We thank Ariola, Deutsche Grammophon, Extraplatte and Polygram
For public clearance of songs and artists for this production.

Track Listing

Künstler für den Frieden
("Artists for Peace")
Wien Stadthalle, 6 Nov 1982
10 001

Side 1
1. Resolution - Dietmar Schönherr / Peter Turrini
(Resolution of the "Artists For Peace")
2. Lied - Esther Bejarano / Bassim Masarwi
(Song in Hebrew)
3. Mit einem Schlag - Erwin Steinhauer / Arthur Lauber
(With one beat  or "In one fell swoop")
4. Projekt: Bundesheersoldaten - Manfred Chobot
(Project: Federal Army soldiers as Venetian "Gondolieri")
5. Leben einzein und frei - Burda / Obermeier / Keller
(To live – by oneself and free)
6. Deutsches Lied - Florentin Groll
(German song)
7. Massaker-Lied - Dimitriadi / Mikroutsikos
(Massacre song)
8. Friede für die Abenddämmerungen - Marie-Therese Kerschbaumer
(Peace for twilights)
Side 2
1. Hand in Hand - Wolfgang Ambros
2. Auszähireim - Otto M. Zykan
(Counting-out rhyme)
3. Dagegen - Erika Pluhar
4. Gottverdammte Pleite - Ludwig Hirsch
(God damn crash)
5. Morgen brechen wir auf - Kärntner Partisanenchor
(Tomorrow we’ll hit the road)
6. Kroatisches Lied - Tamburizzaensemble
(Croatian song)
7. In Frieden Ieben - Chaos De Luxe
(To live in peace)
Side 3
1. Rede (Ausschnitt) - Fritz Muliar
2. Sag mir wo die Blumen sind - Friedenschor
(Where have all the flowers gone?)
3. Wenn unsere Brüder kommen - Konstantin Wecker
(When our brothers come)
4. Don Ballade - Jeanne Bichevskaja
(Don ballad  … Don = Russian river)
5. Auf an Haufn schworzn saund - Sigi Maron & Spontan Music Trio
(On a pile of black sound … or "sand" – Austrian dialect)
6. Lied von der Erde - Maria Dimitriadi / Stephan Paryla
(Song of the earth)
7. Er hot die gaunze Wöt - Erich Demmer / Reinhart Sellner
(He’s got the whole world)
Side 4
1. Solidaritätslied - Friedenschor
(Song of solidarity)

2. Carry On - Letta Mbulu
3. Nonqonqo - Letta Mbulu / Harry Belafonte
(To Those We Love)
4. Rede (Ausschnitt) - Harry Belafonte

5. Peace On Earth - Harry Belafonte with Schlusschor Aller Mitwirkenden

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